Catering facilities being provided by IRCTC

Catering facilities being provided by IRCTC

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will still be primarily responsible for running of food Plaza, Food Courts, and fast food units and tourism related activities.

The catering policy 2010 dated 21.07.2010 has focused on the following:-

The policy seeks to bring improvements in supervision and monitoring of catering by shifting the task of monitoring quality of service from IRCTC to the Zonal Railways and attempts to leverage Zonal Railways’ vast and elaborate all-India network in order to effect a thorough supervision and control over catering activities.

New catering policy acknowledges catering as a passenger service with emphasis on quality, hygiene at economic price.

Supervision and monitoring has been strengthened through an institutional mechanism to be put in place by the zonal railways gradually in selected catering units including Base kitchens by deploying railway personnel, who would check quality and hygiene and take corrective action in a time-bound manner.

Emphasis has been placed to ensure the availability of quality food at affordable rate for all classes of passengers by providing Janta food and Janahaar (economy combo-meals) by means of Refreshment Rooms, Stand alone outlets and the vending stalls.

Ceiling limit of holding has been redefined and made stringent to avoid monopoly. System of fixing license fee has been rationalized. Tenure and renewal of General Minor catering units has been streamlined.