Hydro Electric Power Generation in India

Hydro Electric Power Generation in India

Hydro power is produced by the force of falling water, when the water rushes down from the high, rotate the rotary blades of turbine and the turnine’s rotation spins electromagnets which generate current in stationary coils of wire.

The present water level in hydro power projects in India on judicious operation is sufficient to generate power for the present winter period and beyond. Hydro power projects are planned on the basis of hydrological year from June to May or July to June depending on the Region. In case of reservoir based schemes, the reservoirs are filled during monsoon period. The stored water as well as inflows are used judiciously for power generation during winter period and beyond until the onset of next monsoon.

The Hydro Electric power generation in India for the year 2011 is 132 billion units(BU).

The detailed report of Hydro Electric power generation by different leading countries in the world for the year 2011 is given below…

S.No. Country Name Hydro-electric Generation in Billion Units (BU)
1 China 694
2 Brazil 430
3 Canada 377
4 USA 328
5 Russia 165
6 India 132
7 Norway 122
8 Japan 85
9 Venezuela 84
10 Sweden 66